Choosing an internship

As I am graduating this year, I had to find the “Perfect” internship since it will be a determining point in my academic life, believe me choosing it was not a very easy task. However, I think there are main criteria that one must follow in order to find the right internship and be satisfied …

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First and foremost, SAP C4/HANA is the technical, marketing and sales response from the world leader in ERP-SAP to the world leader in SaaS-Salesforce CRM! And where Salesforce has focused on Sales, SAP will focus on the Customer.

Why a Microservices Architecture?

The microservices architecture was invented to solve some of the difficulties caused by large projects because over time IT projects tend to grow and gradually existing functionalities are extended, with many additions and few deletions, we end up with a thousand complicated and difficult to manage functional sheets.

Discover SAP HANA !

Today, the quantitative explosion of digital data has pushed researchers to find new ways to design and analyze the world, but above all to find a fast, well-organized Database Management System ( SGBD ) that allows them to have useful information when the need arises.

SAP Business ByDesign Feat. Aymax

Founded in 1970, SAP has become the fourth largest software publisher in the world and the first in Europe in nearly half a century. The reason for this success, the very large fields of application of these different software dedicated to professionals, their modularity as well as offers adapted to the needs of very small businesses, SMEs or even GE.

What is the potential for SAP Leonardo’s Blockchain as a Service (BAAS)?

Since the emergence of the Blockchain concept, its use has continued to grow by radically transforming the world of communication and information technologies, which is why the Blockchain and its distributed registers (Explained earlier in one of our articles are considered as a living illustration of an evolutionary model in the field of information exchange, communication and data transfers.